April 19, 2017

Wadsworth Facility Receives Safety Award

Congratulations to the Wadsworth and Corporate facility! As a company, we renewed our commitment to maintaining a safe work environment, and our dedication has paid off! Rohrer’s Wadsworth facility earned a special award from the Medina County Safety Council and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for our efforts in preventing workplace accidents and injuries. Wadsworth achieved 732,370 work hours without any loss time incident!

The Wadsworth facility was recognized in all 3 categories; Group Awards, for having the best safety record within a group of like companies; 100% Awards, for having no lost time injury in or illness in 2016; and Achievement Awards, for outstanding effort by supervisory personnel and employees in reducing the annual incident rate by 25% or more in 2016.

This is an achievement we can all be proud of! Here’s to another 700,000!