Foot Petals Case Study

Rohrer is an agile and innovative partner in the paperboard packaging industry, offering manufacturing, sales, and service processes that are designed around  customers’ individual consumer packaging needs. For over 40 years, Rohrer has been helping their customer’s brands win in the market place by developing packaging that stands out on the shelves.  Rohrer prides itself on working intimately with its customers to establish long-lasting relationships. 

One such customer is Foot Petals, LLC.

Founder Tina Aldatz, combined her love of fashion with her determination to find a solution to common comfort and fit issues. Foot Petals allow women to be comfortable and confident, so they feel sexy in every pair of shoes. Always designed with feminine flair and a keen sense of style, Foot Petals have been endorsed by not only the American Podiatric Medical Association, but by the fashion industry.
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The Challenge

In 2003, Foot Petals, LLC went through a re-branding initiative to coincide with it’s “comfortably chic” image.  As the popularity of the product soared and demand increased in stores, the company recognized that customers were tearing into packages to experience the product before purchase.  The boxes were being damaged, often rendering the product unsaleable.  This destruction had the potential to ruin their bottom line, as well as their brand image.

The Solution

Foot Petals contacted Rohrer Corporation to create new packaging for their designer shoe cushion product line and gift sets.  Using a mock-up, Rohrer engineered a model with a thermoformed blister package and exterior carton complete with specific product hang holes for displaying in department stores and specialty boutiques.

With the new, see-through design, customers can appreciate the actual merchandise contained inside (the shape, the colors, and the size) without opening.  The package is engineered for hanging displays for for placement in bins without losing the integrity of the box or the product.  A thermoformed blister encases the product, preventing access in retail locations and possibility of damage or theft.

[Rohrer] worked with us on specific sizes, measurements, and fixture specifications for different retailers...They even did the printing.
Susan Berberian, Foot Petals, LLC - Art Director

The Outcome

Once the new packaging was implemented and available in the stores, sales increased dramatically; at least 40% in department stores.

“Using Rohrer was a lot easier and less expensive, and incredibly efficient given the location of their Chicago facility to our warehouse.  Foot Petals is incredibly satisfied with Rohrer.  They work fast and we’re always on the same page.” said Berberian.  Rohrer processes the Foot Petals orders in multiple combo runs for a streamlined, quick process, which is both cost-effective for mass production and incredibly efficient.  This method also saved the company money on shipping.

The new packaging improved the way our customers saw our product.
Susan Berberian, Foot Petals, LLC - Art Director


Foot Petals offers solutions to its customers for foot care and comfort products.  To maintain that valuable image, they looked to Rohrer Corporation for a solution to their packaging problem.  Rohrer took the shoe cushion company from a mangled package to a showcase-worth product.