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Rohrer EcoFacts

At Rohrer, green is more than just a color — it's a company tradition. These habits are not only safe for our employees and the environment, but also smart. We print all of our carded packaging with botanical-based inks and even offer recycled, FSC®- or SFI-certified board. By printing your package on certified paperboard, you can demonstrate to your consumers a visible commitment to sound forestry practices. An environmentally conscious company doesn’t go unnoticed.


Rohrer EcoFact

We offer recycled materials & certified paperboard to meet your sustainability requirements.


Rohrer EcoFact

100% of our passenger vehicle fleet is comprised of hybrid vehicles, improving our fuel usage by 45%.


Rohrer EcoFact

We changed to an efficient lighting system which has the same effect on the environment as planting 61 acres of trees annually.

Thermal Energy

Rohrer EcoFact

We capture and use our thermal energy from our manufacturing processes to heat our facilities, reducing our dependence on fossil fuel-based energy.

VOC Emissions

Rohrer EcoFact

Rohrer uses water-based coatings that are non-toxic (0% VOC emissions).


Rohrer EcoFact

Even our printing solvents are recycled to make shingles for your home.

Printing Plates

Rohrer EcoFact

We produce printing plates directly from digital files equating to less waste and less energy used.

Our Inks

Rohrer EcoFact

Our standard inks are derived from renewable resources such as soy, corn, cottonseed, and other vegetables. They emit up to 36% less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) than traditional petroleum-based inks.

Rohrer recycles

Rohrer EcoFact

Rohrer recycles 20 million pounds of material annually. It has the same greenhouse gas benefits as permanently removing 1000 cars from the road each year.

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