Jul 2016
July 18, 2016


Rohrer purchases CardPak, based in Solon, OH to further strengthen its leadership in the visual packaging market.

Aug 2013
August 22, 2013

Cold Foil Unit Installed

Rohrer installs a Cold Foil unit in its Wadsworth facility.

May 2013
May 31, 2013

40th Anniversary

Rohrer celebrates its 40th anniversary in the printing industry.


Feb 2012
February 13, 2012


Rohrer purchases Hogue Printing Solutions, based in Mesa, AZ.

Jan 2012
January 4, 2012


Rohrer purchases Buckell Plastic Company Inc., based in Lewistown, PA to expand its thermoforming capabilities.

Jan 2011
January 1, 2011

Lean Manufacturing

Rohrer begins its Lean Manufacturing journey, building a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Dec 2009
December 1, 2009

Shoreview Industries Invests in Rohrer

Shoreview Industries, a MN based private equity firm, invested in Rohrer as part of a recapitalization and growth plan.

Feb 2004
February 1, 2004

Rohrer Moves

Rohrer’s thermoforming facility moved to its new location in Huntley, IL.

Dec 2003
December 12, 2003

Buford ISO 9001-2000 Certified

Rohrer’s Buford location’s quality system received ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Sep 2003
September 16, 2003

Wadsworth ISO 9001-2000 Certified

Rohrer’s Wadsworth location’s quality system received ISO 9001-2000 certification.

May 2003
May 31, 2003

30th Anniversary

Rohrer celebrates its 30th anniversary in the printing industry.

Apr 2003
April 1, 2003

Rohrer Expands Thermoforming

Rohrer installs thermoformer in its Wadsworth facility.

Jan 2001
January 1, 2001

Rohrer Installs Folder/Gluers

Rohrer installs folder/gluers in Wadsworth and Buford locations.

Sep 2000
September 1, 2000

Rohrer Installs Flexo Press

Rohrer installs flexo press in its Wadsworth facility.

Jan 2000
January 1, 2000


Rohrer purchases the assets and operating business of Gateway Printing Company of Arlington Heights, IL.

Mar 1999
March 1, 1999

New Offices in Wadsworth Open

New offices in Wadsworth open.

Nov 1998
November 16, 1998

Buford ISO 9002 Certification

Buford location’s quality system receives ISO 9002 certification.

Sep 1998
September 1, 1998

Wadsworth Facility Expands

Rohrer begins a 12,000 sq ft addition to its offices in Wadsworth after completing an addition to the warehouse.

May 1998
May 31, 1998

25th Anniversary

Rohrer celebrates its 25th anniversary in the printing industry.

Mar 1998
March 30, 1998

Wadsworth ISO 9002 Certification

Wadsworth location’s quality system receives ISO 9002 certification.

Jun 1997
June 1, 1997

Thermoforming Facility Opens

Rohrer opens a thermoforming facility in Elgin, IL.

Oct 1994
October 1, 1994

Rohrer Moves

Rohrer moves its GA facility into their new location in Buford.

Mar 1988
March 17, 1988


Rohrer purchases Engraph’s Colonial Packaging Division located in Norcorss, GA.

Sep 1981
September 30, 1981

Rohrer Installs its First Computer System

Rohrer installs its first computer system in its Wadsworth, OH facility.  The box in the back was a DEC PDP 11/24 equipped with a whopping 256K of RAM.

Dec 1979
December 1, 1979

Rohrer Moves

Rohrer moves into its new location in Wadsworth, OH.

Jun 1973
June 1, 1973

Rohrer Corporation is Founded

Rohrer Corporation is founded by John & David Rohrer in Rittman, OH.