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Don’t hide what’s inside. Product visibility is more than just point-of-sale.

Solutions from start to finish

Rohrer Corporation provides innovative solutions in thermoformed blisters and clamshells. Continually exceeding your expectations, we customize our top-notch service for the development and demand for new products. Because we are a single source for visual packaging, we save you time and money.

We’re truly innovative from start to finish. Learn more about our engineering capabilities.

Economical and functional

Visual packaging is about the visibility and protection of your product. Being able to inspect products packaged by Rohrer encourages consumer confidence; seeing that items are pristine and untouched before purchase and use. Plastic enclosures prevent damage during shipment and in retail locations while also providing invaluable protection from theft.

Materials that matter

Rohrer is committed to you AND the earth. We are constantly testing and looking for the most environmentally-friendly blend of coatings, inks, and plastics. Our use of eco-friendly packaging didn’t start with any trends or movements, it is how we decided to do business long ago.

For over 35 years, we have used aqueous coating applications. This water-based heat seal has lower VOC emissions, which benefits the health of both our employees and the environment. Paired with the right plastics and botanical inks, we are the true leaders in green packaging.

Considering a change from PVC to PET or rPET? Get more information.

Technical Data

Get information on our Quick Clams and thermoformed blisters and clamshells below.

Quick Clams

  • Available in:
    • 3”W x 6”H
    • 4”W x 8”H
    • 5”W x 8”H
    • 6”W x 10”H
    • 7”W x 10”H
  • Choose from our stock cavities or customize the cavity to fit your product and budget!
  • No cost tooling on stock cavity items.
  • Low cost tooling for customized cavities with prototypes.
  • Complete customized stock clams delivered to you in 4 weeks or less!

Rohrer Quick-Cards Combo Program offers:

  • 5 Day Service
  • .020 SBS stock printed four over one, aqueous coated
  • Run quantity 6,250

Download additional technical data here.

Thermoformed Blisters and Clamshells

Blister Combination Forms

  • Weekly runs of:
    • 12,500
    • 25,000
    • 50,000
    • 100,000
  • Available in 10 and 15 mil PVC

Blister, Clamshell, and Trifolds Custom Forms

  • Variety of materials:
    • RPET
    • RPETG
    • PET
    • PVC
    • Styrene
    • Styrene ESD
  • Thickness from 7.5 mil to 40.0 mil

It is important to communicate intended sealing method prior to starting new product development.



Combo Runs

For smaller quantities of visual packaging, we offer an impressive combo run program. This efficient option shares both space on a form and the cost of production with multiple clients. Our smallest plastic run is 12,500, and you pay for only one spot on the combo form.

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