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What is Natralock®?

Natralock® packaging combines a highly durable, tear-resistant paperboard with a thermoform blister or bubble to protect your product from theft and damage. Natralock® is made with paperboard that can contain up to 30 percent recycled content, uses less plastic than traditional clamshell packaging, and features a compact blister for product display. 

Board Stocks and Grades

Natralock® ETR
Natralock® ETR paperboard is engineered for applications requiring the Elmendorf tear test specification. The tear strength of the paperboard remains constant even after a tear has been initiated. 

Natralock® GTR
Natralock® GTR paperboard is designed for items required to meet specifications established by the Graves tear test method. The paperboard is extremely difficult to tear without first initiating a nick with a sharp object or scissors, and uses a special construction for a better consumer experience. 

Natralock® NTR
The Natralock® NTR paperboard grade offers the substrate’s inherent tear properties, and features MWV Easy Seal® technology, providing the most economical solution for minimum security packaging applications. 


ETR/GTR/NTR Calipers | CNK* Calipers
.012 .016
.016 .022
.020 .024
.022 .026
.024 .028
    Standard grade and stock: GTR .016
    *CNK = Clay coated kraft


  • Up to 150 line screen
  • Flexo or Offset
  • Four color process and PMS line colors
  • Botanical inks
  • Aqueous coating standard
  • UV inks & coatings available


  • Bigger, bolder graphics that help your product get noticed
  • Almost unlimited variety of package shapes and sizes
  • Ideal for multi-packs in cut cases
  • Perfect for high-value items
  • Tear-resistant hang hole for heavier items
  • Reduces pilferage
  • Safe to open
  • Increased line speeds
  • Seals on existing heat seal equipment
  • MWV uses Environmental Packaging International (EPI) to get independent third party assessments of our Natralock® packaging, which includes the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s COMPASS tool and the Walmart Packaging Modeling Tool. Both of these tools are publicly available and the use of a third party to perform the assessments ensures that all measurements and weights are accurate and validated.Based on these studies, MWV took a look at how Natralock® packaging performed against traditional plastic clamshell packaging. The test revealed that, on average, Natralock® packaging showed:
    • 70 % less plastic use
    • 22 % reduction in total packaging weight
    • 55 % less energy use (BTU) in manufacturer material
    • 22 % less greenhouse gas emission for packaging production
    • 90 % reduction in chemical bad actors
    • Additionally, EPI calculated the international packaging fees on both Natralock® and clamshell packaging. They concluded that the fees are reduced on average by 14 to 74 percent with Natralock® packaging. 

    Rohrer. The total package. A better package.


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