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Printing is more than ink

Carded packaging visually sells your product

Hanging Display Cards

Blister Cards

  • Blister coated card designed for blister to be heat sealed to the card
  • Full product visibility
  • Excellent product protection
  • Perfect for hang hook displays
  • Cost effective

Mock Clamshells

  • Thermoformed blister front and flange that extends beyond the back of the card
  • Complete front product visibility
  • Excellent product protection
  • Perfect for hang hook displays
  • Illusion of clamshell without the cost

Header Cards

  • Non blister coated card designed to use as a header
  • Flat and fold-over design
  • Perfect for hang hook displays
  • Synthetic options available

Skin Board

  • Product is placed on a rigid paperboard backing and covered with a closely fitting transparent film
  • Full product visibility
  • Cost-effective with no tooling required to form cavity
  • Heavy gauge film secures even sharp products
  • Contours to the shape of product
  • Perfect for hang hook displays

Cartons, Sleeves & Inserts

Folding Cartons

  • Carton or box, folded and glued
  • Maximized billboard space
  • Excellent product protection
  • Enhance brand awareness with bold graphics and luxury finishes
  • Variety of carton styles offered

Clamshell Inserts

  • Non blister coated card designed to go inside clamshells or blisters as an insert
  • Die-cutting per customer specifications


  • Tubular carton, typically with open ends
  • Enhance brand awareness with bold graphics and luxury finishes
  • Variety of styles offered

Point-of-Purchase Display Trays

  • Paperboard tray designed to display and market packaged product
  • Highlight products & draw customers attention
  • Sets merchandise apart from the rest
  • POP Display Trays act as a silent salesman by using bold graphics to promote your brand
  • PDQ Trays

Specialty Packaging

Tear Resistant Cards

  • Highly durable, tear resistant Natralock® paperboard trapped blister or club store package
  • Bigger, bolder graphics that help get your product noticed
  • An almost unlimited variety of package shapes and sizes
  • Ideal for multi-packs in cut cases
  • Perfect for high-value items
  • Tear-resistant hang hole for heavier items
  • Reduces pilferage
  • Safe to open
  • Seals on existing heat seal equipment

Read more about Natralock® Packaging


  • Club store style package of rigid construction designed to stand in trays
  • Fluted and Non-Fluted options
  • Paperboard construction is renewable and recyclable
  • Significant cost savings vs. traditional clamshells
  • Edge-to-edge graphics for visual impact
  • Designed to reduce in-store thefts
  • Meets durability needed for club stores
  • Consumer-friendly with no sharp edges
  • Utilizes your existing heat seal equipment
  • SustainPak™ – the same qualities you love about ClubPak™, only better, with 100% renewable and recyclable materials
  • ShelfPak™ – Save the added material and expense of a display tray, with this self-standing ClubPak option


  • Trapped blister or club store package with pressure sensitive seal coating
  • No heat required!
  • Fluted & Non-Fluted
  • Proprietary coating with superior sealing strength

Stretch Pak Cards

  • Formed by stretching an extensible film over the product and heat sealed between two pieces of paperboard
  • Cost-effective
  • PVC-free option with the use of Surlyn® Film
  • Secures product while allowing consumers to see and feel the physical attributes of the product
  • Great for hanger hooks or self-standing, shelf displayed products


  • Synthetic Paper that combines the durability of plastic with the printability of paper
  • Demonstrates resistance to water, chemicals, oils and grease
  • Excellent printability and can be recycled along with other plastic packaging materials

Specialty Processes

Qwik Silver™ Printing

  • In-line metallic ink effects specially designed for Flexo printing
  • Cost-effective replacement for foil board or hot stamping
  • Virtually unlimited metallic colors
  • Gives printed materials depth and reflective properties
  • Excellent for marketing and shelf attention for consumers

Color Logic

  • In-line metallic ink effects specially designed for Offset printing
  • Up to 250 different metallic colors
  • Much less expensive than other metallic printing processes such as foil board or Cold Foil
  • Much more consistent and reliable than other processes
  • Provides vibrant metallic effects to various types of packaging
  • Faster turnaround time than offline processes

Cold Foil

  • In-line foil application
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heat-Sealable
  • Reduces completion times compared to offline finishing process
  • Uses standard printing plates
  • Foil-to-ink registration
  • Gives printed materials depth and reflective properties
  • Excellent graphic and marketing capabilities
  • Overprinting with an infinite palette of colors

Structured Coating

  • Coating that utilizes a drip-off effect to create raised textures and adds dimensional properties to printed materials
  • In-line process
  • Excellent graphic and marketing capabilities
  • Can be applied on top of Cold Foil for an even more dramatic appearance

Soft Touch

  • Coating that creates a luxurious softness and velvety matte finish
  • Value added perception
  • Resists fingerprints

7 Color Process

  • Extended gamut printing using a fixed ink set of 7 colors (CMYK+OGV)
  • In-line process
  • Endless color choices
  • Enhance process images
  • Combine multiple designs on one sheet
  • Reduce your overall packaging cost by eliminating costly color changes

Specialty Coatings

  • PakSeal – proprietary solvent base coating
  • AquaSeal – proprietary waterbase coating design to seal PVC
  • AquaSeal Pro – proprietary waterbase coating designed to seal to both PVC & PET
  • Press Seal – NO HEAT REQUIRED!!!!! Trapped/ClubPak applications only

Combo Runs

For smaller quantities of visual packaging, we offer an impressive combo run program. This efficient option shares both space on a form and the cost of production with multiple clients. Our smallest plastic run is 12,500, and you pay for only one spot on the combo form.

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