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Printing is more than ink

Carded packaging visually sells your product

Let the print presses roll

Our employees take pride in the craftsmanship of all printing jobs. That experience is evident in the packaging we print on a daily basis. Our goal is to ship your packaging materials to you on time and to save you money with freight costs. For new customers especially, getting your product to market quickly is a key ingredient to your success. And by having Rohrer as your sole supplier for packaging components, we can guarantee it.

We use only state-of-the-art technology and equipment—from spectrophotometers to printing presses—and regularly maintain our equipment for reliable and repeatable processes. We have the highest quality reproduction in the industry with superior graphic capabilities that exceed your expectations in printing and color management.

Our 12 printing presses and 60 printing/coating units provide dependable and fast performance. By using our Rainbow Ink services in addition to our visual packaging components, we are committed to the goal of zero defects. Our cutting-edge printing method sets us apart when it comes to color accuracy and registration.

We’re not only the better package: we’re the total package.

View our artwork submission guidelines.

We excel at color management

Regardless of the facility in which we run your order, we have incomparable multi-color management standards to protect color continuity. We correct all differences from the original image file and fix how that translates to your printing project. Our dedicated color management staff collects color data and tests continuously to ensure uniformity to your packaging specifications.

We measure attributes including hue, chroma, saturation, density, and tack to give our customers perfect graphic replication. And by producing our own ink, we meticulously verify the formula is within spec before even being accepted into our inventory. This means you will have an exact color match on every product. Every time.

We print everything in green

At Rohrer, green is more than just a color, it’s company tradition. These habits are not only safe for our employees and the environment, but also smart. We print all of our carded packaging with botanical-based inks and even offer recycled, FSC®-certified or SFI-certified board. By printing your package on certified paperboard, you can demonstrate to your consumers a visible commitment to sound forestry practices. An environmentally conscious company doesn’t go unnoticed.

Rohrer is FSC®-certified and SFI-certified.

Packages that shine

Use of our proprietary Qwik Silver™ technique or cold foil printing process adds a metallic look to packaging in a broad spectrum of colors. These in-line processes make your packages shine without the cost and lead times associated with foil board or hot stamping.


Combo Runs

For smaller quantities of visual packaging, we offer an impressive combo run program. This efficient option shares both space on a form and the cost of production with multiple clients. Our smallest plastic run is 12,500, and you pay for only one spot on the combo form.

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