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We do a lot of things better

Especially when it comes to our customers.

Better service is our core

Rohrer is a leader in the industry because of our green practices, impressive facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and dedication to our customers. Being foremost in innovation, we do everything to surpass expectations in quality, service, and efficiency. We take pride in all aspects of our business and its operations and will always be committed to total customer satisfaction.

No matter the size or quantity of your product run, we want you to feel like our only customer. We work on all projects – from both big and small companies – with equal importance and attention. By connecting you with a customer service representative and a trusted sales person, your personal relationship with Rohrer is solid. Our level of service and guarantee of performance is unmatched by comparison.

Our processes have always been good for the environment, but we make certain our practices are equally as beneficial for the health of our employees and the cost for our customers. We want to save the world as much as we want to save you money. It’s all part of the Rohrer total package.

Engineering & Design

We create package prototypes. We manufacture plastic forms. We even print paperboard. We do a lot more than meeting the requirements of your project, we outdo.

And that means a significant savings in freight time, energy, and money.

Our experienced staff can update your existing packaging to meet current marketing trends or assist in the complete development of new designs and prototypes. Using customized design solutions with the latest software, our design team will evaluate your project and provide conceptual drawings for review. We will provide the perfect design and collaborate with you throughout the project – which will always run efficiently.

We excel at color management

Regardless of the facility in which we run your order, we have incomparable multi-color management standards to protect color continuity. We correct all differences from the original image file and fix how that translates to your printing project. Our dedicated color management staff collects color data and tests continuously to ensure uniformity to your packaging specifications.

We measure attributes including hue, chroma, saturation, density, and tack to give our customers perfect graphic replication. And by producing our own ink, we meticulously verify the formula is within spec before even being accepted into our inventory. This means you will have an exact color match on every product. Every time.

Our design experts do it all

Product Design

Experienced CAD engineers design your thermoformed packaging.

Prototype Sampling

A single mold is created to produce samples for authentication and later for production and development. These samples reduce tooling costs.

Production Tooling

In-house technicians bring your package ideas to reality with functional and working materials.

We only need the following to begin a packaging project:

  • Explanation of its intended use, marketing goals, and a look for the new package
  • Design drawings, CAD files, or physical samples of the product you intend to package
  • Examples of packaging that you hope to emulate
  • Descriptions of special features or assembly requirements (i.e. auto feed, child resistant, reusable)
  • Printing requirements
  • Quantity of samples needed for evaluation

Innovation is our strength

See what sets us apart from the competition


Our pre-press professionals use cutting-edge applications to prepare your artwork for production. Log in to upload files, and within 24 hours, it is pre-flighted to ensure all elements are to specification. We offer all clients PDF proofing – with hard copies available upon request. View our artwork submission guidelines.


A distinctive difference to our competition, Rohrer works with electronic purchase orders and invoices, to exchange digital purchasing information. We recognize that migration from a manual invoice process to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology presents considerable savings in both time and cost.

Inventory Management

VMI programs can be as unique as the customers they benefit, and Rohrer Corporation can work with customers on an individual basis to create a VMI program that suits their specific needs. Whether you require minimum inventory levels, automated order creation or scheduled inventory releases, we can create a customized VMI program for you.

Rohrer Corporation also provides their customers with access to their own portal on Rohrer Corporation’s website. This portal provides each customer with online access to all of these functions:

  • Upload and download artwork
  • View a PDF and specifications for all approved items
  • View and track shipments
  • Up to the hour status updates of all work in process
  • View all warehoused goods
  • Same day release of warehoused goods

Package Kitting

We’re constantly finding ways to be innovative. We recognize the use of printed inserts and a clamshell enhances the marketing of your product while on the shelf. So, to enhance productivity and convenience to our customers during assembly, we combine several printed components within one kit. These kits increase efficiency for cell manufacturing and reduce inventory number of SKUs.

Heat Seal Tooling

The total package isn’t complete without heat seal tooling. Rohrer supplies full sets for any heat seal machine for your new project, package redesign, or digital replication – and we get the tools to you fast. We offer free equipment evaluation and tune up services, and our experts can repair or adjust any heat seal machine. All materials are tested and used on associated equipment.

Standard Tooling Components

  • Nesting trays (aluminum or laser cut wood)
  • Heat plate with contoured heat blocks (matched plate)
  • Card chute (magazine)
  • Blister chute (magazine)
  • Plug rack (blister feed plug rack)


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