Functional and Economical

Visual packaging is about the visibility and protection of your product; and Rohrer is dedicated to providing solutions that make sense for your product and your brand.  Boldly printed graphics increase marketing draw while plastic enclosures display your product and provide invaluable protection from theft and damage, truly giving you a better package

Speed to Market

Rohrer is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry.  We understand that the business environment can be unpredictable and erratic.  Our speed to market allows you to effortlessly handle pressing deadlines while still showcasing impressive visual packaging.

Single Source Security

When you buy both blisters and cards from Rohrer, we assure you your package will feed and heat seal.

Materials that Matter

Rohrer is committed to you AND the earth.  We are constantly testing and looking for the most environmentally-friendly blend of materials.  Our use of eco-friendly packaging started nearly 40 years ago with options such as aqueous coatings, botanical inks, recycled board and recycled plastics.

Considering a change from PVC to PET or RPET? Get more information.

FSC® & SFI Certified

At Rohrer, green is more than just a color, it’s a company tradition.  These habits are not only safe for our employees and the environment, but also smart.  Rohrer proudly offers recycled, FSC®-certified or SFI-certified board.  By printing your package on certified paperboard, you can demonstrate to your consumers a visible commitment to sound forestry practices.  And environmentally conscious company doesn’t go un-noticed. Rohrer is FSC®-certified and SFI-certified.