Regarding: COVID-19

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[Updated 03/24/20] As our partner, you know Rohrer designs and manufactures retail packaging for critical products from many CPG brands. Brands in industries like healthcare (cancer medications, nursing supplies, over-the-counter medicines), cleaning supplies (sanitizing wipes, detergent), household goods, lightbulbs, hardware, and batteries, etc., rely on us for paper and plastic packaging.  

The shelter-in-place orders from state and local governments are consistent in asking “essential businesses” to remain open. Specifically, Rohrer is included in the executive orders in the group that manufactures, distributes, or contributes to the supply chain for critical products and industries. As such, all of Rohrer’s facilities, including those within shelter-in-place regions, remain open.

Rohrer has implemented many proactive strategies to reduce the potential spread of infection in our facilities. We implemented aggressive work-from-home programs for applicable roles; we created a no-visitor policy and eliminated travel across facilities and to client locations; we increased the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning procedures.   In addition, we have well-documented mitigation plans for our employees to follow should they feel ill or demonstrate symptoms of the cold, flu, COVID-19 virus, or other ailments.

Thank you for your continued partnership. If you have questions about your order status, please contact your customer service representative or salesperson.


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