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During the government-mandated shelter in place orders, the states and local governments asked essential businesses to continue operations. There is no question that Rohrer is an essential business. In Illinois, Rohrer is included in the Executive Order listed under 12:t. In the Ohio Director’s Order, we are listed under 12:v. Arizona includes our industry in Section 3:e:xv. Atlanta’s mayoral proclamation includes Rohrer in Section 15. These sections indicate that companies like ours should remain open during shelter in place.

We provide manufacturing and supply chain resources for many critical products, and our support allows critical products and services to continue production. Our customers and the citizens of the United States and Mexico count on businesses like ours to help ensure these critical products are available. As such, all of our facilities, including those within shelter-in-place orders, remain open and employees should continue to come to work.

Updates will be available on the COVID-19 page on our website. We also launched a toll-free number 888-334-9123.