Introducing ecoCombo™

The Industry's First Post-Consumer Recycled Combo Program

ecoCombo™ blister packRohrer is proud to announce the upcoming launch of ecoCombo™, complimenting Rohrer’s ezCombo™ program. ezCombo™ is Rohrer’s unique design and manufacturing process that allows the production of multiple parts within the same production. This shared tooling arrangement increases speed and reduces start-up costs and set-up times for all customers.

ecoCombo™ is Rohrer’s new post-consumer recycled blister packaging solution. It offers a new way for retail brands to make sustainable packaging choices in their blister packaging. 

Features and benefits of ecoCombo™ include:

  • Post-Consumer Recycled SBS board and thermoformed blisters
  • Runs on your current production lines with existing heat-seal equipment
  • Tested for print quality and security benefits
  • Third-party heat-seal and extreme-temperature testing

ecoCombo™ will be available in early 2020, at a comparable price point to our existing ezCombo™ programs.

To learn more, click the link below.