March 22, 2017

Engage the Senses with this New Coating

In today’s market, consumers are expecting more from brands and their products.  Appealing to the sense of touch engages shoppers and enhances their connection with your product.  Standing behind our commitment to provide you with the most innovative and eye-catching visual packaging solutions, we proudly announce the release of rStructure™ coating; one of five specialty processes in our series, aptly named, the rSeries.

rStructure™ is a textured coating that creates a multi-dimensional, embossed look on printed packaging.  The visually elegant effects of rStructure™ spark interest in the consumer and demand to be touched.  Once picked up, the luxurious tactile elements give the consumer a higher perceived value and feel for the quality of your product.

These fascinating effects are applied in-line, by combining special patterns with our two-step coating process.  This produces attractive, reticulated textures in the print image with strongly accented gloss effects that are quite unique in the sheetfed offset industry.

Since 1973, Rohrer Corporation has been committed to bringing new ideas, new features and new packaging styles to you.  Our complete line of high-visibility packaging products combined with some of the best service in the industry provides not only a better solution, it provides A BETTER PACKAGE.