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June 18, 2018

Product Spotlight: ezCombo™

What is ezCombo™?

ezCombo™ is the industry’s largest variety of combination blister and clamshell insert cards, thermoformed plastic blisters, and folding carton programs. 19 different programs, to be exact, carefully designed to offer a solution that fits virtually every need.

How does it work?

ezCombo™ products are produced using combination form technology. This means that press sheets or forms are set up with many different packages on the same sheet. This allows you the same high quality, bold graphic capabilities of dedicated runs with smaller quantities and faster turnaround times.

Who can benefit?

Rohrer’s ezCombo™ is great for small companies who don’t need to buy a whole press sheet or plastic form of the same item. It also benefits larger companies with limited offer promotional packages or those who simply want the flexibility of running many items at the same time in smaller quantities than a traditional dedicated run.

What are the brand and bottom-line advantages of ezCombo™?

• You get the right quantity at the right price

• Wide variety to fit your volume needs with 19 buying choices across print and plastic.

• The lowest available quantities in the market at 5,000, available at square inch pricing.

•  Accelerated speed to market.

•  Process +™, the industry’s first 7 color process combo for face-seal blister cards and folding cartons, saving you even more money by eliminating spot color charges, an industry innovation that makes it easier, faster and more cost-effective to get your products on retail shelves.

For these reasons and many more, you’ll love Rohrer’s ezCombo™.

To learn more about ezCombo™ or Rohrer’s complete line of  packaging solutions, visit www.rohrer.com or contact us below.