February 26, 2018

Product Spotlight: Mock Clamshells

What are Mock Clamshells?

A Mock Clamshell is a form of Blister Packaging that consists of two components; a thermoformed plastic Blister front and a coated Blister Card back. What sets a Mock Clamshell apart from a traditional Blister Card or Full Face Blister Card is the thermoformed Blister front, which has a flange that extends beyond the back of the card, giving the look of a traditional Clamshell package.

How does it work?

To form the Blister, PVC, RPET or other clear plastic packaging material is heated and vacuum formed over a mold then immediately die-cut into whatever trim shaped is required. The Blister is then inserted into a sealing tray and the product is placed into the Blister. A coated Blister Card is then applied to the Blister and adhered using applied heat, forming a complete Mock Clamshell. The thermoformed Blister front provides complete product protection, while the flanged sealing perimeter adds additional sealing integrity.

Who can benefit?

Mock Clamshells provide a premium Clamshell look at the half the price of a traditional Clamshell and uses half the plastic. This makes them a sustainable and economical choice with great visual impact; one that’s gaining popularity in the retail packaging industry. Their many benefits make them a great choice for numerous products from markets such as Office Supplies, Hardware, Health & Beauty Aids, and even OTC/Pharmaceuticals.

What are the features?

  • The look of a Clamshell without the cost
  • Less plastic than traditional Clamshells
  • Excellent product visibility to engage consumer connection
  • Maximized billboard space with full color front AND back
  • Perfect for hang hook displays
  • Durable protection

Rohrer Corporation offers a variety of low-volume combo printed Blister Card and thermoformed plastic Blister program options for Mock Clamshells. This means you get the same high quality capabilities featured in traditional runs while simultaneously saving you money. Mock Clamshells from Rohrer truly give you A BETTER PACKAGE.

To learn more about Mock Clamshells, Combo Programs, or Rohrer’s complete line of high-visibility packaging solutions, visit www.rohrer.com or call us today at 800.243.6640!