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May 14, 2018

Product Spotlight: Process +™

What is Process +™?

Process +™ is a revolutionary technology that enables us to reproduce over 80% of the Pantone Plus Series colors using a fixed ink set of only 7 colors.

How does it work?

With Process +™, process builds are mixed digitally in prepress software, and your artwork is then printed by combining dots of standard inks (CMYK+OGV) on 7 ink decks of the press. The addition of orange, green and violet (OGV) inks along with traditional CMYK inks expand the color gamut and more accurately reproduces Pantone colors versus CMYK.

Who can benefit?

Customers targeting cost savings while still retaining the color integrity of their brand immensely benefit from Process +™. It’s because this innovative technology can reproduce over 80% of the Pantone Plus Series colors, eliminating the cost for spot colors. Process +™ is available on Blister Cards, Folding Cartons, and Insert Cards, offering a beautiful and economical choice for many applications across many different markets.

What are the brand and bottom-line advantages of Process +™?

  • Saves you money by eliminating costly spot colors.
  • Reproduce over 80% of the Pantone Plus Series Color Guide vs. 65% with standard CMYK.
  • Process+™ foundation is based on a Good, Better, Best PMS match:
    1.      Good = PMS colors converted using CYMK
    2.      Better = PMS colors converted using Process+™
    3.      Best = PMS colors NOT converted/actual Spot color


  • Stochastic & concentric dot screening resulting in more vibrant, “hi-definition” colors, smoother gradients, overall better looking print quality.
  • Produce more consistent results for repeat runs.
  • Wider selection of color choices for your package design.
  • Excellent graphic and marketing capabilities.

Combine your spot color cost savings with Rohrer’s Process +™ Folding Carton, and Blister Card ezCombo programs and get even more bang for your buck. This means you get the same high quality capabilities featured in traditional runs while simultaneously saving you time and money. Process +™ from Rohrer is the answer in having your product “pop” on retail shelves while driving your bottom line.

To learn more about Process +™, Blister Packaging, Folding Cartons, ezCombo Programs, or Rohrer’s complete line of high-visibility packaging solutions, visit or call us today at 800.243.6640.