SustainPak™ recycled clubstore packaging is the perfect blend of strength, function and design. It showcases your product while always protecting your brand’s shelf impact in retail or clubstore setting.

SustainPak™ combines two highly durable, recycled paperboard cards with a thermoformed plastic blister trapped between them and sealed together to protect your product from theft and damage.


Product Features

  • 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard construction
  • Recycled plastic options available
  • Significant cost savings vs. traditional clamshells
  • Edge-to-edge graphics for visual impact
  • Designed to reduce in-store thefts
  • Meets durability needed for clubstores
  • Consumer-friendly with no sharp edges
Package Components

Recycled Trapped Blister Card

  • 4 Color Process and PMS Spot Color Front
  • Vegetable-Based Inks
  • AquaSeal™ Aqueous or PakSeal™ Heat Seal Coating
  • .014 – .024 Recycled Trapped Blister Cards
  • Specialty Processes Available:
  • rSilver™
  • rMetallic™
  • rFoil™

Trapped Blister

  • Available in a variety of materials
  • Thickness .010 to .040