Skin Packaging Board

Skin Packaging is a reliable and cost effective alternative to clamshells and blister packaging. With a practically invisible layer of Surlyn® film, Skin Board packaging contours to every detail of your product like a second skin, giving it a natural look for maximum merchandising appeal.

Skin Packaging is created by placing the product on a rigid paperboard backing, and covering it with a closely fitting transparent film.


Product Features

  • Full product visibility
  • Cost effective with no tooling required to form cavity
  • Heavy gauge film secures even sharp products
  • Contours to the shape of the product
  • Perfect for hang hook displays
Package Components

Skin Board

  • 4 Color Process and PMS Spot Colors
  • Vegetable-Based Inks
  • Aqueous Coating for the Acceptance of Surlyn® Film
  • .012 – .026 SBS Skin Board
  • .024 – .031 Single White and Double White Recycled Skin Board
  • Optional Diamond Patterned Perforation:

–  Improves the Draw Time and Overall Seal
–  Available at No Additional Cost
–  Available in Light, Medium, or Heavy Perforation