Stretch Pak

Stretch Pak Packaging has the unique ability to give your product 360-degree visibility. Your product remains securely held in place with a crystal clear, flexible film that gives consumers the ability to directly handle your product. Stretch Pak offers the touch, feel, and clarity that the consumer needs to make an informed purchasing decision while keeping pilferage to an absolute minimum.

Stretch Pak Packages are formed by stretching an extensible film over the product and heat sealing it between two pieces of paperboard.


Product Features

  • Cost effective
  • PVC-free option with the use of Surlyn® Film
  • Secures product while allowing consumers to see and feel the physical attributes of the product
  • Great for hang hooks or self-standing shelf displayed products
Package Components

Stretch Pak Card

  • 4 Color Process and PMS Spot Color
  • Vegetable-Based Inks
  • Aqueous Gloss or UV Coating Front
  • AquaSeal™ Aqueous Heat Seal Coating Back
  • .016 – .026 SBS Stretch Pak Cards
  • .014 – .020 Recycled Stretch Pak Cards
  • .003 – .008 Surlyn® Window Material Gauge
  • .003 – .006 PVC Window Material Gauge
  • Specialty Processes Available:
  • rSilver™
  • rMetallic™