ezCombo ad
May 11, 2018

Rohrer’s new ezCombo™ builds brands and bottom lines with variety and speed

The biggest and best just made it easier to get on retail shelves.

Rohrer Corporation is the industry leader in producing high quality, affordable blister cards, thermoformed plastic blisters, clamshell inserts and folding cartons through combination form technology. With ezCombo™, brands purchase only the space they need for their product packaging, able to share a press sheet or form with other customers. This saves customers money by only paying for the space they occupy on that form.

Customers get the right quantity at the right price. And the ezCombo™ program delivers further value with the following characteristics unique to the industry:

  • Wide variety of options to fit customer’s needs with 19 different buying choices across print and plastic.
  • The lowest available quantities in the market at 5,000, offered at square inch pricing.
  • The launch of Process +™, the industry’sfirst 7 color process combo, saving customers even more money by eliminating costly spot color charges.  Our Process +™ Blister Card and Folding Carton programs are an industry innovation that makes it easier and faster for brands to get their products on retail shelves.
  • Accelerated lead times.

ezCombo™ is a collection of programs carefully crafted through the merging of both Rohrer and CardPak’s offerings. We’re adopting and improving the best technologies from each company.

Steve Wirrig, CEO, Rohrer Corporation, says it’s about becoming a true business partner to customers. “We’re making it easier for customers to get their products on retail shelves on time at the right price,” he asserts. “With these new programs, customers only pay for the space they need. Doing business with Rohrer just got easier and is a clear example of how we are aligned and focused on helping build our customer’s brands and bottom lines.”