What is ezCombo®? Only the EZ-iest Way to Streamline Your Packaging

Rohrer’s ezCombo® program is a unique manufacturing solution where several different printed or plastic (thermoformed) packaging pieces are created as a combo-run. Basically, it streamlines the packaging process by combining the orders of several customers on one production run. This shared tooling arrangement increases speed, reduces start-up costs, and minimizes set-up times for all customers. And you only pay for the space you need. See, the ezCombo® program is EASY! 

What Types of Packages are Eligible for ezCombo®?

ezCombo® can be used on your printed or plastic packaging. As the industry’s largest combo program, ezCombo® is offered for a variety of packaging styles, including: 

How Does ezCombo® Make the Packaging Process EZ-ier?

At Rohrer, we want to make it EASY for customers to do business with us. The ezCombo® program was designed to make the packaging process as streamlined, quick, affordable, unique, and flexible as you need to get your products to market. Some of the customer benefits include: 

  • It’s Fast: With Rohrer as your one-stop packaging shop, we can help you expedite your time to market. 
  • It’s Affordable: Maybe you don’t need to buy a whole press sheet or plastic form of the same item. It’s EZ-ier than ever with ezCombo® because you only pay for the space you need.  
  • It’s Customizable: Rohrer’s ezCombo® program can be used for several types of packaging, including blister cards/inserts, thermoformed blisters, or folding cartons. 
  • It’s Flexible: Our ezCombo® program offers the lowest, most convenient combo quantities in the market for cards and blisters: 5,000 / 10,000 / 20,000 / 25,000 / 50,000 /100,000. And, with quantities starting as low as 5000 pieces, brand owners of all sizes can benefit without the worry of excess inventory. 
  • It’s Colorful without the Additional Cost: As the industry’s first 7-color process combo for cards and cartons, Rohrer’s ezCombo® program provides a wider color gamut than the normal RGB scale using Process+®, helping you save on costly PMS colors. 
  • It’s the Clear Choice: The AquaSeal® aqueous and/or PakSeal® solvent heat seal coatings provide brands with two clear blister coating choices for their packaging
ecoCombo Blister packaging

Is ezCombo® Ideal for My Product and My Market Niche?

Absolutely! Who’s not into saving time and money on packaging production with ezCombo®? Rohrer has a large, diversified base of consumer product companies across many markets, including, but not limited to: 

  • School and Office 
  • Home Improvement 
  • Electronics 
  • Batteries 
  • Pharmaceutical/OTC 
  • Automotive 
  • Sporting Goods 
  • Health & Beauty 

Let’s add your brand to the list! You’ll be in good company.  

How Can I Create the COMPLETE PACKAGE at Rohrer?

ezCombo® allows you to STREAMLINE your packaging. Rohrer can utilize the ezCombo® program to create the blister cards/inserts and the thermoformed cavity for your product packaging all in one place. Heat seal and assemble. Ready to hit the road to retailers! Another way ezCombo® makes packaging EZ-ier.  

Available Programs

Rohrer offers the industry’s largest combo program including blisters, cards, and folding cartons. Browse through the tabs below to find the right combo for your product.

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