Sustainability continues to be a major topic within the packaging industry. Consumer demand for more environmentally friendly packaging is growing, and that means more retailers are putting pressure on their suppliers to improve packaging sustainability. From paperboard to plastic, our approach includes helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and taking responsibility for our manufacturing processes.

Material Selection

While some manufacturers may consider the “cradle to grave” impact of a product’s life cycle, we believe the key to the sustainability of plastic packaging is a “closed loop” process of continual recycling that keeps paper and plastic plastic out of landfills. Our initiatives in providing sustainable materials for our partners include:

  • RPET combo offerings in our ezCombo™ program
  • Custom-designed packaging with recyclable PET and RPET options, including SmartCycle and Eco-Therm
  • Competitively priced post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. Most materials we use are between 50 – 100% PCR and include PET, HIPS, PP and PE.
  • SFI and FSC certified board available
  • Aqueous-based coatings and sealing options
  • Botanical-based inks

Manufacturing Processes

  • We recover all our scrap plastic and paper for recycling. For many years, we have been a “zero waste” manufacturer
  • High-efficiency lighting used in all manufacturing facilities
  • Experience with the Walmart Sustainability Scorecard

Additional Resources

For more on how Rohrer works to create sustainable solutions for our partners, please read the blog posts below: