ezCombo® Thermoforming

Rohrer’s ezCombo® program is a unique manufacturing solution where several different printed or plastic (thermoformed) packaging pieces are created as a combo-run. For plastic packaging components, like thermoformed blisters, ezCombo® can significantly reduce costs.  

It makes sense if you think about it. Similar jobs from multiple customers run together with ezCombo®. Rather than applying production costs, like tooling, plastic, thermoforming machine set-up, etc. to just one job, those costs can be shared by many jobs. AFFORDABILITY. Just one of the perks of ezCombo® thermoforming.  

What Types of Packages are Eligible for ezCombo®?

ezCombo® can be utilized for PVC and RPET thermoformed blister packaging. Scroll through to find the ezCombo® packaging that’s right for your brand. 

Looking for blisters cards or folding cartons? Click here to learn more about our ezCombo® print offerings.

Available Programs

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