ezCombo™ Programs

What is a Combo?

The combination form concept consists of press sheets of forms set up with many different packages on the same sheet.  This efficient option shares both space on a form and the cost of production with multiple clients. Whether it’s Blister Cards, Inserts, Folding Cartons, or thermoformed Blisters, you only pay for the space you use.

Each sheet is run with the same measure of quality as all of our dedicated runs, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the same high quality packaging you’ve come to expect.

Who can benefit?

Combo runs are perfect for small companies who don’t need to buy a whole press sheet or plastic form of the same item.  This is also a great option for larger companies with limited offer promotional packages or who want the flexibility of running many items at the same time in smaller quantities than a traditional dedicated run.

Why ezCombo™?

ezCombo™ is the most flexible, sensible and unique combo program in the industry.  Some of the customer benefits include:

  • Lowest quantities in the industry
  • Ease of doing business – Order Cards, Cartons, Inserts and Blisters with just one call!
  • The industry’s first 7 color process combo for Cards and Cartons – Process +™
  • The industry’s widest variety of buying choices
  • 2 blister coating options – AquaSeal™ aqueous or PakSeal™ solvent heat seal coatings
  • Common quantities for Blisters and Blister Cards
  • Express delivery options – our Xpress programs offer you extremely fine packaging, extremely fast!
  • Sustainable options with SFI and FSC certified board available


Rohrer’s ezCombo™ proudly offers the lowest, most convenient quantities in the market:  5,000 | 10,000 | 20,000 | 25,000 | 50,000 | 100,000

How to order

Call: 800.243.6640
Click: Request a quote
Email: info@rohrer.com