How to Choose the Right Plastic for Your Thermoformed Packaging

Product owners, marketers, supply chain experts, and package designers find a variety of plastic material solutions across Rohrer’s thermoformed packaging programs. Thermoforming is inclusive of many types of packaging including blisters, clamshells, tri-folds, and trays. If you would like to brush up on your blister packaging terminology, check out our recent post where we provide […]

The Smarter Route to Walmart Shelves is Through Sustainable Packaging

 Your new brand has been greenlit for Walmart!  As a first-time supplier to the mega-retail giant, you’ve done all the right things to sell your brand to the Walmart power buyers.  And that takes marketing smarts.  Congratulations! But now you need packaging smarts. How do you package your product to fast-track its route to Walmart’s […]