Partners Helping Build Brands and Bottom Lines

When Rohrer acquired Transparent Container in October, 2018, we brought together two industry-leading packaging brands. We believe that true partners create the perfect package.

With the industry’s largest combo program, and a wide variety of custom packaging solutions, Rohrer and Transparent Container truly provide our customers a one-stop-shop for packaging solutions. Our goal as a partner to our customers is to help build brands and bottom lines.

In January, 2019, Transparent Container officially changed names to Rohrer. This news was reported widely by industry publishers like Beauty Packaging, Brand Packaging, BXP Magazine, Packaging Strategies, Packaging World, and others.

Now with brand alignment under the Rohrer name, we continue to strengthen our organization for the future. Soon, we will be sharing exciting new solutions for our partners to help you build your brand and bottom line.

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