Rohrer Hits a Bullseye with a One Size Fits All Solution

Since 1879, archery has grown in popularity as an American sport. Today, more than four million people enjoy the rush of pulling back the bow and unleashing the power of an arrow in hopes of hitting the target. It’s a discipline of accuracy and strength that requires a thorough understanding of technique, changing field conditions and equipment.

And for the diehard archer – only the very best equipment will do. Because when it comes to hitting the bullseye, they rely on HHA Sports to provide them with the highest quality archery accessories on the market.

Conversely, HHA Sports wants to hit their target market with a bullseye when introducing or re-introducing a product. That’s where our story picks up, at a time just before HHA wanted to re-introduce not one but several of their products.

Chance encounter was the start of it all

During a chance meeting at a trade show a few years ago, a Rohrer sales representative stopped by the HHA booth. At the time, HHA didn’t have any immediate packaging needs, but that could change, so business cards were exchanged. A short time later, HHA made the decision to re-enter the stabilizer market, where they got their start in the industry nearly 40 years ago. This consisted of multiple stabilizer bars of varying sizes and attachment components. They were faced with several SKUs but wanted to consolidate their packaging to cut down on production and inventory costs. HHA first turned to their long-time packaging vendor, but they didn’t have the equipment to accommodate the larger stabilizer bars, so HHA gave Rohrer a call.

Fewer SKUs = less packaging and inventory costs

Specifically, HHA was looking for a packaging solution that could consolidate six stabilizer bars and two attachment components. A stabilizer bar is an accessory that attaches to the bow giving the archer better balance and accuracy.

Could Rohrer produce a ‘one size fits all’ solution that could minimize the need for multiple packages for several products – specifically 6 stabilizers and 2 components? Rohrer said “Yes!” as they had deep expertise in consolidating multiple SKU’s into single packages for economies of scale and cost efficiencies. But first, they needed to see the actual products to begin the design process. HHA shipped the products to Rohrer and the design team jumped into action.

Guided by HHA’s clear vision of what they wanted; Rohrer’s designers came up with the perfect solution – two clamshells.

One was a single clamshell cavity that could hold the 6-, 8-, or 10-inch stabilizer, and the other a combo clamshell that would hold two 6-, 8-, or 10-inch stabilizers. So instead of facing the cost and storage burdens of multiple packages, they now only had two.

What was the secret to ‘one size fits all?’

Tetra Packaging CollageBut the obvious challenge was the varying stabilizer lengths for the single cavity package. How were they to be secured? What was the secret to the ‘one size fits all’?

Geometry. The clamshell design fit the contour of the stabilizers, which were exactly the same except for length. By designing the top of the clamshell so that it would hold the top of the stabilizer upright and in place, the bottom left enough empty space to accommodate the different lengths. The designs were sent to HHA for approval before proceeding with prototypes. After one round of revisions the prototypes were made and HHA signed off with a green light. The clamshells were to be made with clear, 20-gauge plastic and production ramped up in late 2020.

Results to date

As Chris Hamm, Co-Owner and VP of Operations of HHA Sports stated, “It was a quick turn. Less than 120 days from when I knocked on Rohrer’s door and Rohrer had packaging at our door.”

He also went on to state that Rohrer’s ‘one size fits all’ approach translated into both production and inventory cost savings, because instead of multiple SKUs, they now have two. Mr. Hamm is also proud of the fact that HHA Sports is committed to 100% American sourcing and manufacturing. This alone has given them a major competitive edge in the marketplace, especially when Covid has impacted the supply chain for materials sourced overseas.

A double bullseye

HHA also hit the bullseye with Rohrer as their packaging partner and targeted their market on time with an all-American sourcing commitment. As Chris Hamm said,” If there’s another opportunity to work with Rohrer, we would certainly do it again. They offer a great product with great service, and we are very happy with the results!”

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