The One Thing to Look for in a Club Store Packaging Supplier

When you enter the club store market, you will be investing in a potentially advantageous market. Nothing will ensure your success more than a packaging partner who has experience in packaging for the club store channel and the production capabilities to deliver for you.

A Different Kind of Package

Club stores have very specific and demanding package requirements, from supporting high product visibility to meeting strict sustainability standards. Both primary and secondary packaging will be different from the retail store packaging you are used to. Costco, for example, prefers trapped blisters and stretch blister packaging in place some of the different packaging styles found in other retail channels.

Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s all require retail-ready packaging (RRP). They want products packaged so they can be placed directly on display with minimal in-store handling. This helps reduce costs associated with setup and transportation, leading to lower prices for customers.


Choosing a partner who has already met these standards will shorten your learning curve and avoid wrong turns and subsequent headaches. Be aware, club stores will refuse shipments that do not meet their stringent packaging requirements, and you will be responsible for the return costs.

The Trial Run

In terms of new product rollouts, club stores tend to move quickly. First, a trial run of about eight weeks will be scheduled with your product to test its sales appeal. You will have to make quick packaging decisions and your package developer will have to respond to meet tight deadlines. A partner with club store channel experience will know this and be ready and able to help you with the decision and produce packaging in time.

When your trial run is a success, a broader rollout of your product will follow almost immediately. This can be an even bigger challenge. Only an experienced packaging partner can make the big jump from trial run numbers to full production volume efficiently. Plus, having an experienced partner can translate these challenges directly into cost-effective solutions that avoid the expense that specialized packaging and short deadlines usually bring.

Find Someone Who Has Been There Before

Why is this experience in club store packaging so important? You are entering a foreign country. When you travel without a guide you learn a lot from your wrong turns and misread signs. But the experience costs you valuable time and money. And if get lost you may miss the boat.

Hire an experienced guide and enjoy the trip.

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