The Journey of Change: How Rohrer Led a Company to Multiple Solutions

Lyman Blister Packaging

Change is a business fact of life for manufacturers today. The ability to affect change determines competitive advantage on the store shelf. Talking about change and actually making change happen are two different things. This is especially true when a company completely overhauls the packaging of one of its most successful products.

Lyman Products Corporation, a leader in developing innovative accessories for firearms, recently faced such a challenge. But a single packaging change translated into multiple challenges along the way. From investing in new equipment, to reaching sustainability goals to automating manual processes, this manufacturer was taking on big changes… and bigger risks. Any slowdown in productivity could mean loss of revenue – from their top selling product.


Market Segment: Specialty

Format: ezCombo™ Program

Materials: Blister: 12 mil PVC
Card: 20 pt SBS, 5/1


A Lyman team toured the LUXEPAK trade show in search of a new packaging solution for their top-selling practice ammo line (three product categories with 100 different ammo sizes.) Current packaging included three plastic clamshells, paper inserts and 100 various sized ammo – all filled by hand. With sales requirement demand of tens of thousands weekly, only 100 packages could be fulfilled in an hour. Additionally, clamshells opened too easily causing shipping, shelf display and store theft issues.

Lyman knew that automation was their long-term goal, but first they needed a new, streamlined package design that could transition to automated fulfillment. They also needed less plastic for sustainability and costsavings while conveying a more modern look.

At LUXEPAK, the Lyman team discovered Roher’s trapped blister design which would

eliminate 50% of their plastic clamshell. But after speaking with Rohrer, there were even more solutions to consider. An onsite meeting at Lyman’s Connecticut facility kicked off a strategic partnership that met both their short and long-term needs.


Over several months, Rohrer was able to implement several solutions including:

The one-size-fits-all blister – A generic cavity was redesigned for

  • All of the 100 different calibers
  • Could accommodate future automation

ezCombo™ for cost-saving production – The streamlined blister card could be run on

Rohrer’s unique, cost-saving ezCombo™ program. The shared tooling arrangement increases speed and reduces start-up costs/set up times.

Equipment purchase guidance – Rohrer offered expert advice on the purchase of a six-station rotary heat sealer with auto-feeding chutes for blisters and cards.

Results to date – Amazing

Lyman Packaging side view

The results to date go beyond impressive to… amazing! Just consider:

Old Processing Time: 100 packages per Hour

New Processing Time: 960 packages per Hour

Previous Labor Hours: 3,800 (1 person)

New Labor Hours & Process: 953 (2 people)

Labor Savings: $52,000

Previous Packaging Cost: $78,200

New Packaging Cost: $45,200

For Lyman, change was the journey that led to increased productivity and ROI – and Rohrer was their singular, true north that got them there.