Rohrer Trade Show Promo

Rohrer Becomes its Own Best Customer...with its Best Promotional Package


Patti McElligott, Senior Emerging Business Account Manager at Rohrer became one of its own customers. She needed to create a promotional ‘pen and pad’ giveaway package encased in a folding carton to highlight Rohrer’s unique production capabilities. Like any other customer, Patti had to work within budget, branding, timeline and approval parameters while collaborating with disparate design teams, engineers and facilities. Patti was faced with a major challenge: Create a stellar example of a premium-looking package…without premium production costs.


Market Segment

Marketing Promo


Folding Carton, ezCombo® Tray, and Belly Band


15mil PVC Folding Carton

14pt SBS Belly band

15mil RPET Tray


She chose a plastic book configuration with a single pull-out tray to hold pens. Other features included:

  • Exterior plastic folding carton (reuse – for storage of pens)
  • Interior plastic tray to hold pens (reuse ability key factor) 
  • Belly band (branding) Rohrer’s branding colors (exact match and vibrancy important)
  • Metallic ink for premium look

Which plastic and printing?

Although both could provide crystal clear clarity, flexibility for open/close reuse and crisp book edges, 15mil PVC was the best option. Why?  First, PVC was a cost-effective choice for a market-entry product; second, it demonstrated Rohrer’s industry-leading expertise with this plastic and third; strength to stand tall on store shelves.    

Silk screening was used to apply text and graphics to the PVC. Besides in-house control, this method was budget friendly and could utilize opaque ink for 2-3 spot color. It proved to be an optimal choice for both color branding consistency and <25M volume runs.

The belly band brings the WOW Factor

Patti chose to use a belly band not only for its marketing function – but for its potential to highlight Rohrer’s mastery of metallic inks for a premium look. And nothing says WOW better than sparkle on a store shelf!  Super-white, strong virgin paper board  (14 pt. SBS) was an easy choice…but which metallic ink – standard or premium?  Patti chose the more costly premium ink Pantone 10399C for its long term, quality appearance when printed on SBS.

Pull-out tray – the retrofit way

The tray was retrofitted to the approved single-unit, folding carton prototype. A few design iterations were needed to ensure pen stability and flap alignment. One revision added extra space below the pens for more branding real estate.

But the production news got even better! Both the belly band and the tray could be run on Rohrer’s cost-savings ezCombo® program. This shared tooling arrangement increases speed and reduces start-up costs and set-up times for all customers – even Patti. From there, it was off to the Bensenville plant for an ezCombo® run. 

Results to Date

Patti was impressed on how Rohrer could create a uniform design strategy across multiple design teams and production facilities. The final product was a show piece package demonstrating some of Rohrer’s top-notch production strengths –  and above all, first class customer service!