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The Great Case Study: How Practicon and Rohrer Innovated PPE

good case study has a story to tell. It brings together the best of people, innovation, collaboration and technology. So, what makes a great case study? It tells a great story, but it also demonstrates inspiration and compassion for a country in crisis. What you are about to read – is exactly that.


Market Segment

Medical Specialty


Scored and folded PET


12mil PET
Curved scores and anti-fog coating

When a crisis hits home

Early spring 2020 and the pandemic soon depleted our nation’s PPE (personal protection equipment) stock – putting our frontline healthcare workers at risk. This prompted Brad Griffin, VP of Product Development at Practicon, a dental supply company to take action. Brad simply produced more face shields, utilizing his in-house production capabilities and an outside lab. It was a slow and costly process, and his primary market, dentists, now required a unique kind of protective face shield.

Brad ‘builds a better mousetrap’

Brad was no stranger to designing products for his company. His ‘better mousetrap’ of a dental face shield was faster and more reasonable to make. Its one-of-a-kind design included a shield that would fit over loupes, (binocular like glasses) and head lamps. Using input from dentists and skills acquired from working with Rohrer’s engineers, Brad brought his sketches and paperboard mock-up to Rohrer. He knew that Rohrer’s lightning fast prototyping, precision scoring and die-cutting abilities could help make his vision a reality.

Practicon and Rohrer collaborate

Brad’s design included the following ‘must-haves’ as collaboration began:

  • No headframe but a removable headband that can be disinfected
  • Anti-fog coating
  • A ‘curved score’ for its unique bowed out effect when folded
  • Use of sustainable material

Practicon’s Clear-All™ Face Shield goes into production

The sourcing of the high-demand, 12 mil PET plastic with the anti-fog coating was a challenge, but Rohrer was diligent in procuring the specialty material. The first 10K order of Practicon’s Clear-All™ Face Shield began production at the Addison facility in late June, with shipment a month later.

A great ending – but wait…

The Clear-All™ Face Shield started as an inspiration to safeguard our healthcare workers, and along the way it sparked innovation, collaboration and technology. And Rohrer was proud to be a part of it and…prouder still of Brad Griffin of Practicon.