Primos Hunting

Custom Packaging Calls for a Distinctive Brand Voice

Primos Blister


When Primos Hunting wanted to present its premier new turkey call in a distinctive package, it called on its long-time packaging partner Rohrer Corporation to create an upscale package that would both project the Primos brand and show off the call’s unique features. Primos has worked with Rohrer Corporation for years to develop various packaging projects. “This time,” says Primos art director Brad Johnston, “We wanted something special, with a larger billboard that would allow stronger branding and a more premium look, while keeping the same footprint.”


Market Segment: 

Format: Fold-over Blister and Paperboard Pillow Pack Sleeve

Materials: Fold-over blister – 12mil PVC

Sleeve – 16pt SBS, C2S

Outer Printed in Black,
PMS 165 Orange, PMS
368 Green, Pantone Yellow,
Matte Aqueous Coating,
Spot UV /PMS 350 Green,

PMS 375 Green

Inside Printed in PMS 350
Green and PMS 375 Green


Rohrer Corporation created several optional designs, including a colorful paperboard pillow pack with a clear window displaying the call. Primos chose to go forward with this combination of extensive space for graphics and a clear visual of the call. Teams from both companies worked together to refine and finalize the package.

The final package is a 16-point SBS C2S pillow pack sleeve printed in PMS 165 Orange, PMS 368 Green, Pantone Yellow on the outside, overprinted with a graphic of trees and turkeys, topped by the Primos logo and its tagline: “Speak the Language” printed in black and orange. The inside surface is printed in PMS 350 Green and PMS 375 Green. 

The pillow pack sleeve is closed with a flap at the top and bottom of the insert area to keep the fold-over blister securely in place, and a hang tab at the top of the pillow pack allows it to hang at retail with other Primos products. 

Primos Blister Close-up

Die cuts in the front and back of the sleeve let the blister show off the call at an angle, so the shopper can see its features clearly. The fold-over blister is 12 mil PVC molded to match the shape of the pillow pack, but with the product area extending into die cut windows in both the front and back of the sleeve. The edges of the blister have opposing slits that interlock to hold it closed during insertion into the pillow pack, but let it open easily after purchase. 

The Primos package was produced using Rohrer’s ezCombo™ Program, which combines orders with a common set-up, grouping small runs of the same gauge on the same sheet so everyone shares the tooling costs, resulting in a unit cost similar to much larger runs giving customers production efficiencies and inventory flexibility.

Client provided testimonial on behalf of Transparent Container, which was acquired by Rohrer.