Socket Lock-It

Rohrer Makes the Great American Dream Come True

Meet Caitie Gelhausen. When she started college in 2017, Caitie had a laser focus on her career path. Majoring in entrepreneurism, she wanted her own business – just like her other classmates. But unlike her peers, Caitie wanted to start her own business the day she stepped on the High Point University campus. Caitie’s only problem was…what kind of business? For advice, she asked her Dad, an aeronautics entrepreneur himself for insight. He told her to be observant and look for a common problem in need of a solution.


Market Segment



Blister Card


Holographic paper
Blister, 20mil PVC

And that’s just what she did. Caitie picks up the story: “During my freshman year of college, I noticed that nearly every student had either a cardholder or phone grip on their phone, but never both at the same time. Why wasn’t anyone using these two extremely popular phone accessories together? I began searching for a product that combined the two, and to my surprise, there was nothing out there! Starting from that moment, I made it my mission to create a product that offers both the convenience of a wallet and the functionality of a phone grip. From all of this, Socket Lock-It was born.”

Rohrer was a very collaborative partner that gave us responses with a solutions-first mentality

Socket Lock-It is in The Haus

So Caitie had her business idea…but how to execute it? First, she drew up some preliminary sketches and got guidance from both her professors and Dad who has grown his own business over the past 30+ years. Caitie’s next step was to contact her father’s patent attorney to ensure Socket Lock-It was in fact patentable.

This was all happening while Caitie was on an accelerated 3-year graduation program AND playing golf.

Needless to say, Caitie needed more help so she hired her first employee – Mom. With Mom’s sales and fundraising experience, Caitie got her first order for 38 thousand Socket Lock-Its. But they had no product manufactured, as they were still waiting on the molds to be delivered. Once manufacturing kicked into high gear, Caitie’s company now had a name, “The Haus” and it was time to source a packaging partner.

Rohrer – and so much more

The Haus is committed to being an All-American eco-friendly company. After doing a Google search and making some calls, The Haus chose Rohrer. Some may argue that a small business just starting out would select a local ‘mom-and-pop’ packager, rather than an industry leader like Rohrer. But Caitie and company wanted more than a packager, they wanted a marketing partner who could help nurture their growth every step of the way in the retail space. And that’s just what they got with Rohrer.

Because of time and budget considerations, Rohrer suggested their Quick Clam. This is a great option for a market entry product requiring no additional tooling costs. It allows for customizing the internal cavity following the contours of product within a standardized construct. For the insert card, Rohrer added color to the back of the card, to add more eye appeal when reading the instructions.

It was time to ship. So, The Haus started packing the product from their fulfillment center AKA their kitchen!

The first 38K went like hotcakes and customers wanted to buy more. By now, Caitie was graduating from college and could dedicate her time to growing Socket Lock-It. In September 2020, The Haus got an invitation to Walmart’s open call which led to another meeting with two buyers a month later. Over the next six months, Walmart wanted Socket Lock-It not only to be sold on a national level, but in their center aisle bins for maximum exposure. Walmart wanted to give Socket Lock-It the red-carpet treatment!

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