Success in business is defined by relationships. And behind every business there are people who day after day, year after year-build those relationships. One business principle that’s proven to be true regardless of economic volatility, are the benefits derived from building long-term supplier relationships. The top advantage are bottom-line results; a business can gain better value. Period.  It makes great sense, the better you know your suppliers over time, and the better they know you, the more likely you could enjoy certain benefits. So, if competitive pricing, high quality and dedicated customer service are qualities you might be looking for in a packaging vendor, read on.

The Cost, Quality, Service (CQS) Triangle

Rohrer recently had the privilege to interview an executive responsible for both purchasing and quality from U.S. Cotton, the number one manufacturer of cosmetic and beauty aid products. With more than twelve years entrusting their packaging needs to Rohrer, he has a unique perspective on that relationship.

His opening statement said it all, “We’ve had an excellent relationship  with Rohrer.” And what made that long-term relationship so excellent?

To answer that question he said, you first have to look at how U.S. Cotton’s customers evaluate them from a cost, quality and service perspective. He calls it the “CQS Triangle” that forms the key metrics of their impressive success. U.S. Cotton delivers ‘tremendously’ on each of the three measurements. And he said that he uses that same ‘triangle’ to gauge the kind of service he gets from Rohrer, and other suppliers. Over the years, he can confidently state that Rohrer is of the same high caliber and standards that distinguishes U.S. Cotton from its competitors.

Starting with cost

How would you describe Rohrer’s pricing in general? “First of all, Rohrer really puts their best foot forward to be cost-effective. This is especially important for us as we are a high volume, low margin organization. They always take that into consideration and give us fair pricing, which in turn keeps them competitive. USC is always looking for high-quality, low cost suppliers and Rohrer is right up there with the best of them.”

What about quality?

Cotton Swabs packagingRohrer has successfully delivered high-quality packaging to U.S. Cotton throughout the years. This was true even when Rohrer went through major acquisitions which potentially could impact quality and service, but for USC – it was “seamless.” For them, quality starts with the design process which he described as “working together with dedication and persistence until we get it right.” He went on to add that Rohrer’s graphic capabilities are second to none in terms of tone and consistency.

And then there’s the service angle

On this particular metric, he had a lot to say – and for good reason. Rohrer delivers exceptional customer service. For example, whenever U.S. Cotton transitions to an automated system or new piece of equipment, Rohrer comes in and makes the necessary design changes to accommodate the new technology. The executive stated that he really appreciated that kind of flexibility and was the reason he called Rohrer first when there was an equipment upgrade. He also appreciated the expertise and responsiveness of his Rohrer ‘point person’ (Dave Shelby) who always goes above and beyond to service their needs. Another aspect of great service is the collaboration that goes on between Rohrer and U.S. Cotton. This has extended into many R&D efforts between the two companies, where new ways to innovate have taken shape.

Just one of many

This is just one story. There are many others where Rohrer has proven itself more than a supplier  – but as a strategic partner delivering on a formula for success. And this is a stellar example.

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