Disruption and Resolution: The Future of Retail

January 2020. The retail industry was already struggling with the disruptive forces of the digital age. Then the pandemic hit with suppliers and retailers facing never-before challenges. In the spring, new dynamics were in play that dictated consumer demand, shopping behaviors and the entire supply chain. The truth is that COVID-19 was a catalyst to industry transformation that began years ago. And while many despaired, many others saw opportunity to grow and innovate.

Rohrer was one of the latter.

Rohrer partnered with Kantar, a global research agency, to develop a cutting-edge white paper entitled, “Disruption and Resolution: The Future of Retail.”

This comprehensive analysis takes a broader perspective of what’s happening in the world that is impacting retail today and tomorrow. In this year alone, the housing market has had a totally unpredicted – yet explosive growth. Work habits have changed drastically. And the online world skipped ahead to a 2030 version of itself.

Within this volatile landscape, the presentation and white paper focuses on three critical topics relevant to suppliers and retailers:

  • Navigating the current and future retail landscape into 2021: Disasters are becoming a primary variable
  • Winning with omnichannel: A review of core retailers highlights how each retailer uses ecommerce as an extension of its overarching growth strategy
  • Implications for near-term and future for manufacturers and packaging companies: Packaging has two concerns: Exterior hygiene and in-depth identification of route to market

To access “Disruption and Resolution: The Future of Retail,” click here.


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