How Rohrer Beat the Holiday Promo Clock for Native’s Endcap

Getting your product packaged and distributed involves a lot of moving parts. Los Angeles-based Lumi is a company that can streamline that process. They make tools that simplify the complex workflows, data, and language of packaging, so that brands and manufacturers can work better together. Lumi had reached out to Rohrer in the past for advice on using PET, and based on that discussion, called on Rohrer again. This time it was for more than just advice, but for a client that required sophisticated fabrication for a holiday promo.

The client was Native, a producer of clean personal care products such as deodorant, body wash and toothpaste. Launched in 2015, Native started out with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) distribution model but then transitioned into bricks-and-mortar retail with Target in 2018. Native created a successful On-The-Go deodorant gift pack for their 2019 holiday promo that was only available through their DTC channel. By then, Target was so impressed with the brand, that they wanted to do a Native holiday end-cap for 2020. This was an awesome opportunity for Native to get maximum retail exposure through their 1700+ stores. The deodorant gift set would be the only multiple-products offering among the other Native single-product offerings in the mega-brand, end-cap display. However, their current packaging for the gift set would need a redesign to make it retail ready for Target. Native knew they were faced with a major challenge because packaging for a gift set is more complex to execute than packaging for a single product.

The Beginning of the Endcap

Native packagingThe gift pack contained three travel-sized deodorant balls. The ‘must haves’ for the box redesign included 1.) transparency so the balls could clearly be seen, 2.) clear and distinctive Native branding with holiday ‘cues’ and 3.) be structurally sound in both style and substance.

Native did the initial design for Target’s approval and Lumi followed up by making a prototype. With the prototype, Rohrer’s first role was to recommend the best plastic materials and finishing options for the package. PET samples with different gauges along with foil-on-plastic and holographic finishes were sent to Native. Internal approvals took longer than expected as they considered different approaches – cutting into the allotted production time. And then Rohrer showed Native a sample with a cool, shimmery printing technique. And they loved the packaging look!

Awesome Design – but the Clock is Ticking!

The new printing design, inspired by the sample was a clear folding carton. The folding carton was 14 mil PET with rainbow silver holographic foil and the name NATIVE foil stamped. A big issue that Rohrer solved for Native was securing the deodorant balls and the solution was embedded plastic pop holders. The bottom piece was an insert printed on SBS. The final look had the visual appeal Native sought, but now it was time for full-scale production- and that time had been cut short due to approval delays.

There was no wiggle room when it came to producing packaging for a holiday promo! Rohrer’s lead time to fabricate the gift pack was shortened. And with Covid-19 slowing everything down from getting materials to shipping, Rohrer had to source the material, print it, and die cut it. All processes had to be accelerated with no margin for error. One process delay caused even more delays down the line, but Rohrer committed its full force and commitment of our production team and shipped the gift pack in incredible time!

Results to Date

From Native’s perspective, they were delighted that Rohrer supported them every step of the way. They knew that the timeline was very aggressive and appreciated the ‘whatever it takes’ collaborative spirit that helped make their first endcap display a great success. The deodorant gift pack beat sales expectations by 2-3X, with customers buying more than just the gift pack but other Native products in the endcap display. For 2021, Target wants Native back with an even bigger endcap presence, and hopefully Lumi and Rohrer can help them beat the holiday promo clock once again. Tick tock!Native Packaging collage

*Native is a wholly owned subsidiary of P&G. Native is responsible for their own purchasing decisions, which are not reflective of broader P&G purchasing.

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