FOLDING CARTON: What Kind of Packaging Partner do You Need? [Infographic]

Rohrer’s partners choose our folding carton packaging to be an extension of their brand.  Our plastic folding cartons offer full product visibility and generous space for graphics, while our paperboard folding cartons offer brilliant color graphics that feature special inks and coatings. We create folding cartons in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes, along with the option of customizing.  Folding cartons have a high level of packaging security and can handle the weight of heavier products.  You will find folding cartons in food, household items, personal care, sporting goods and more.  

Our award-winning designers will recommend the best possible folding carton packaging solution to achieve your goals.  Our partners rely on us to provide solutions that are: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Eye-catching  
  • Sustainable 
  • Meet the goals of their brand 

View our infographic below to find what kind of folding carton works best for your product. 

Rohrer Folding Carton Infographic

To read more about folding cartons, here is some suggested content: 

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