It’s Simple to Streamline with Stock Packaging

Are you familiar with stock cars? If you’re a NASCAR® fan, I bet you’ve seen a race or two. But you may have also noticed that those stock cars are anything but “stock” or “standard.” These days, race cars are as individual as the driver, with custom tires, steering shafts, and engine blocks to make the car faster and more responsive on the track. Not to mention the intricate race car wraps advertising all the brands that support the industry. 

We’ve learned a lesson from NASCAR – Rohrer’s Stock Packaging Program is anything but “stock” as well. It’s simple to streamline with stock packaging and still develop a creative, custom look for your brand. Let’s show you how to “build a better race car” with your packaging at Rohrer. 

What is Stock Packaging?

Good question. At Rohrer, our Stock Packaging Program includes a series of pre-made, generic plastic packaging in standardized sizes, and styles. Click here to see the wide variety of blisters, boxes, clamshells, rounds and folding cartons offered in our Stock Packaging Catalog

What are the Advantages of Stock Packaging?

A stock package is a generic “container” for your product; however, it offers several benefits: 

  • It’s Economical: Because stock packages are available in certain sizes, etc., there are minimal production costs. No additional costs for custom molds, tooling, or assembly. $ave money with stock packaging.
  • It’s Fast: Whether you need to streamline your time to retail, or react quickly to increasing market demand, choosing a stock package design means you already have half the package ready to go. Expedite your time to market with stock packaging.
  • It’s Great for Start-Ups and Test-Runs: Did you develop your new product in several sizes or colors and you’re not sure which will be the “frontrunner?” If you’re interested in “testing the racetrack” to see which one consumers prefer, package 5,000 quantity, choose the stock packaging that best fits, and put “the pedal to the metal!” Gain consumer insight with stock packaging.
  • It’s Versatile: Stock packages are readily available in different sizes and shapes. As you saw in Rohrer’s Stock Packaging Catalog, there’s a huge selection of blisters, boxes, clamshells, rounds and folding cartons to choose from. Stock packaging provides versatility and flexibility. 
  • Although It’s Stock, It’s Still Customizable When You Add Printed Cards: Add printed cards to your stock thermoformed package to personalize the message, add your unique branding, and make your packaging “POP” off the retail shelves. 

It’s simple to streamline the process with our Stock Packaging Program. And stock packaging offers so many benefits: it’s economical, fast, and ideal for start-ups and test-runs, while offering versatility and customization – just like that race car. 

At Rohrer, we believe that true partners make the perfect package.
Ready to “win the race” with our Stock Packaging Program? Contact us today!



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