Happy as a Clamshell

Ever since I joined the packaging industry, I’ve heard a lot of people rag on clamshells. Why? They tell me all the reasons, usually summing them up with a gif from Curb Your Enthusiasm (The one where Larry David is losing his cool while struggling with a package). Our team firmly believes in the value of […]

Top 3 Factors Affecting Clamshell Packaging Cost

For those new to the packaging industry, finding straightforward answers can be difficult. Ask a simple question, and the response will likely be filled with jargon and language that only an expert would understand. A clamshell package is a retail packaging type that secures the product between two hinged sheets of (often sealed) thermoformed plastic. […]

7 Reasons Why Clamshell Packaging Offers Value and Function

Mentioning clamshell packaging to consumers brings up all kinds of colorful expressions. Search for “wrap rage” on Google, and you will find a number of articles and videos demonstrating the frustrations of consumers as they outline their experiences with clamshell packaging. Long battles to get them open include sharp objects and sometimes end with trips […]