Spot-on Color for Less with Process +™

A successful business partnership doesn’t happen overnight. And when that partnership has evolved over 25 years, the opportunities to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs grow as well.

Meet MTD Products Inc., a global leader of high-quality outdoor power equipment and aftermarket accessories. Cruise through any home improvement outlet and you can see their products branded with the store’s unique brand color and logo, such as Home Depot’s orange. Rohrer is proud to have been MTD’s go-to packaging partner as they grew their market reach from local to global retail sales.

Process +™ –  Spot-on Color for Less

Garrett Fasciana, Purchasing Agent, MTD Products, Inc., “Any time a supplier stays one step ahead of our needs by investing in new technologies, we really appreciate that.”

What Garrett was referring to was Process +™, one of Rohrer’s most cutting-edge printing solutions that offers more spot-on color options – for less. 

Many of the blister cards that Rohrer runs for MTD use multiple colors for their aftermarket products. In the past, an additional color would add a ‘5th color charge,’ and longer set-up times. But with the power of the newly developed Process +™, Rohrer saw how MTD could realize immediate cost savings and maximize their packaging budget. By eliminating the conventional method of utilizing spot colors, Process +™ colors are mixed digitally in prepress software and printed by combining dots of standard inks (CMYK+OGV) on 7 ink decks of the press.

Quality color – lower cost

MTD Blister Close-upColor is an important component to brand marketing initiatives. As reported in Packaging Digest, Emerald Publishing produced a color psychology study. The data indicates that up to 90% of buyers’ snap judgements about products can be based solely on color; nearly 85% of shoppers cite color as their primary reason for buying a particular product; and 80% of consumers believe that color increases brand recognition.

Process +™ can reproduce over 80% of the Pantone® Plus Series Color Guide versus 65% with standard CMYK.  Its foundation is based on a Good, Better and Best PMS (Pantone® Matching System) match:

  • Good = PMS colors converted using CYMK
  • Better = PMS colors converted using Process +™
  • Best = PMS colors NOT converted/actual spot color

The ‘Better’ result is a greatly expanded color gamut that more accurately reproduces Pantone colors versus CMYK on repeated runs.

Process +™ is also available in Rohrer’s ezCombo® program.

5th Color Gets the Green Light

MTD was excited to try a test run! And within a week they approved that 5th  color, and production got the green light.

 Process +™ helped MTD realize an annual cost savings between $40K-$50K by eliminating an additional color charge.”

Garrett Fasciana, Purchasing Agent, MTD Industries, Inc.


No News is Good News

Garrett Fasciana, Process +™ helped MTD realize annual cost savings between $40K-$50K by eliminating an additional color charge.” He also cited ease of conversion and a fast turnaround as added benefits for MTD. But perhaps the best news of all was no news from the big box retailer. The color match was spot-on consistent with their brand, meaning that no difference was detected thanks to Process +™.

Learn More about Process +™

With Rohrer Corporation’s Process +™ color printing process, you are no longer limited in your design. This revolutionary technology enables us to reproduce your brand colors, saving both time and money. Learn more here.


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