Solution Spotlight: PressSeal® Cards

When you need to go to market quickly, PressSeal® coated cards may be the answer. PressSeal® is an environmentally friendly sustainable water-based pressure seal blister coating requiring no heat, only pressure and dwell to achieve the seal. And PressSeal Cards maximize graphic space, highlighting your brand in bright colors that will stop consumers in the aisle. 

How does it work?

The seal is initiated by applying pressure to the cards, which is done using a small rolling tool or a sealing machine. However, no heat is required to initiate the seal as the pressure alone activates the adhesive material. Proper storage of finished product is required.  Cards should be stored at a temperature between 50-100 F with relative humidity of 40-70%.  Shelf life of the product in finished form is three (3) months from date of manufacture.

Press Seal blister cardLower cost at faster speeds are just a few business benefits

  • Decreases startup costs: A small rolling tool or sealing machine is required with PressSeal® technology, so the cost to launch a project is decreased significantly
  • Fast turnaround: Retail or club store projects that require small quantities to be turned around quickly can easily be accomplished with PressSeal® technology
  • Energy efficiency and “green”: With PressSeal®, you may conserve electricity by lowered energy usage of heat seal machinery
  • Product protection: If you have a heat-sensitive product, PressSeal® allows you to seal a package using pressure rather than heat

Printing options

  • Two-piece trapped or ClubPak® cards
  • 4 color process and PMS spot colors
  • Vegetable-based inks
  • Aqueous gloss or UV coating on card front
  • Pressure activated PressSeal® coating on back
  • .012 to .026 SBS
  • .040 to .072 Fluted SBS

Specialty processes

  • rFoil™ – An in-line cold foil application
  • rMetallic™ – Powered by the Color Logic Design System™
  • rStructure™ – Textured coating applied in-line
  • rTouch™ – Soft touch coating applied in-line

Blister options

From high volume runs to the industry’s largest selection of low volume options, no matter the project, we have a solution. Our partners enjoy industry-leading speed, quality and value through our ezCombo® program, and beautiful design and inventive solutions in our custom packaging programs.


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