Solution Spotlight: rTouch™

Haptic marketing is one of the newest trends in consumer marketing. The power of touch can be very influential in consumers’ purchase decisions.

rTouch™ coating provides a velvety matte finish, giving consumers a sense of elegance and sophistication. This finish appeals to the sense of touch with its luxurious tactile elements. rTouch™ also delivers a visual attraction that grabs attention on retail shelves, providing a better package that builds brands and businesses. Elevate your packaging message with the breathtaking sensory effects of rTouch™.

The sumptuous feel of this finish will enhance the look of any package and increase the perceived value of your brand, driving sales and profits. Competitive characteristics include:

• Increased shelf impact – different than all the rest

• Tactile sensation increases engagement with the consumer

• Creates a special experience for your design initiative

rTouch™ characteristics and printing options secure sales

rTouch™ coating creates a rich, velvety texture. Not only do surfaces appear svelte and sophisticated, but the soft feel adds an unparalleled tactile element to your packaging. Advantages and printing options include:

• In-line application

• Cost effective

• Excellent graphic and marketing capabilities

• Finger print resistant

• Value-added perception

The luxurious effects of rTouch™ provide an attractive and practical solution for a variety of packaging styles such as:

Folding cartons

• Sleeves

Header cards

• Tear resistant cards

PressSeal cards

• StretchPak cards

We know your industry and will work closely with you to create a packaging solution that drives your brand and your business, from concept to manufacture to retail display. We offer a variety of specialty printing techniques to provide the perfect package.

To read more about haptic marketing and the power of touch, visit this Forbes link: The Next Marketing Skill You Need To Master: Touch

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