Post-Consumer vs. Post-Industrial Recycled Materials

Brands come to our sales team all the time looking for the latest sustainable packaging solutions. Receiving pressure from consumers and retailers, leading brands stand apart by staying a step ahead in sustainability initiatives. Yet, being innovative comes with a cost. The research and development involved in creating a brand new solution takes time and […]

Packaging Tricks for Your Growing Brand

When your brand starts expanding product sales to a variety of channels, different packaging styles may be required. One retailer might want to sell your product in bulk, another in a multi-pack, while a club store will want to merchandise your product in a large quantity or assortment. Having the opportunity to sell your product […]

Solution Spotlight: Tear Resistant Cards

Many of our partners ask us to help enhance their product security through packaging. We recommend Tear Resistant paperboard packaging for a variety of industries, including electronics, beauty, and personal care. Tear Resistant Cards combine a highly durable Natralock® paperboard with a thermoformed blister to protect your product from theft and damage. Tear Resistant Cards […]

Solution Spotlight: ClubPak™

In an era of declining retail sales, the success of club stores stands out as an exception. Revenues for the the leader in this space, Costco, continue to climb, leading to a 47% increase in the company’s stock valuation this year-to-date. Finding success in this channel is key to retail success in today’s market, and […]

Solution Spotlight: rTouch™

Haptic marketing is one of the newest trends in consumer marketing. The power of touch can be very influential in consumers’ purchase decisions. rTouch™ coating provides a velvety matte finish, giving consumers a sense of elegance and sophistication. This finish appeals to the sense of touch with its luxurious tactile elements. rTouch™ also delivers a […]

Solution Spotlight: PressSeal® Cards

When you need to go to market quickly, PressSeal® coated cards may be the answer. PressSeal® is an environmentally friendly sustainable water-based pressure seal blister coating requiring no heat, only pressure and dwell to achieve the seal. And PressSeal Cards maximize graphic space, highlighting your brand in bright colors that will stop consumers in the aisle.  How […]

New Cold Foil System Reinforces Rohrer’s Commitment to Customers

Rohrer believes true partners make the perfect package. The recent installment of the Eagle Cold Foil System, which is operating in-line with our Komori LSX 840 printing press in our Buford, GA facility, ensures that our partner’s retail packaging is produced with state-of-the-art equipment. 

The Best Box for the Buck? Paperboard Folding Cartons

Feeling boxed in by packaging decisions? You’re not alone. Who knew that choosing the best packaging material for your product could be so challenging. A box is a box, right? Well, for folks not immersed in the packaging industry that answer would be “yes.” But for manufacturers wanting to beat the competition to the retail […]

Importance of Time-to-Market for Your Blister Packaging

Brand owners and product managers have many requirements when looking for the right blister packaging supplier. “Expertise” is a given, and you’ll also consider a partner’s ability to provide responsive service, consistent quality, and prices that fit in your overall budget. But for your brand to be successful, your supplier must also be able to […]

Top 3 Factors Affecting Clamshell Packaging Cost

For those new to the packaging industry, finding straightforward answers can be difficult. Ask a simple question, and the response will likely be filled with jargon and language that only an expert would understand. A clamshell package is a retail packaging type that secures the product between two hinged sheets of (often sealed) thermoformed plastic. […]