Discover ecoCombo®, Rohrer’s Sustainable Combo Program

Rohrer is bringing a new sustainable packaging solution to WestPack 2020. ecoCombo® uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. Available for both blisters and blister cards, this new program expands the recycled content options within Rohrer’s premier ezCombo® capabilities. Rohrer is committed to driving innovation in sustainable packaging. With ecoCombo® Rohrer is shaping the industry’s combo packaging trends. […]

Enhanced Design Advice for New Print Partners

Rohrer offers many solutions spanning print, thermoformed and fabricated plastic packaging, making us a one-stop-shop and true partner with our customers. This post will help new print partners avoid common pitfalls through the design process. Sign up for our blog updates to receive our upcoming thermoforming design blog. A Simple Process Starting a new project […]

Brand Owners Choose ezCombo® for Packaging Speed and Value

A brand owner is bringing a new product to market. The packaging goals include product visibility with plenty of billboard space, efficient use of shelf-space, and low-cost for a small run. In walks blister packaging. A blister package secures the product between a thermoformed plastic part and a printed paperboard blister card. Relieved and excited, […]

How to Choose the Right Plastic for Your Thermoformed Packaging

Product owners, marketers, supply chain experts, and package designers find a variety of plastic material solutions across Rohrer’s thermoformed packaging programs. Thermoforming is inclusive of many types of packaging including blisters, clamshells, tri-folds, and trays. If you would like to brush up on your blister packaging terminology, check out our recent post where we provide […]

What is Blister Packaging? A Glossary of Essential Blister Packaging Terms

Rohrer offers a wide variety of custom packaging solutions and the industry’s largest combo program to help our partners build their brand and bottom line. Many people are unsure of the technical name of the type of packaging they see on the retail shelf every day. They might refer to the plastic and board packaging […]