The Secret to Radius’ Double-Digit Growth 

Linda Casey, Editor-in-Chief of BXP Magazine, wrote and published an insightful profile about Saskia Foley in the January/February issue. Foley is the CEO and President of the personal care brand Radius, and one of our favorite partners. 


Throughout the interview, Foley speaks candidly about brand positioning, shopper engagement and the future of retail. She also talks in-depth about the important role packaging plays in her organization’s astronomical growth. 

And their growth has been substantial, almost 50% each year.

Working with Rohrer, Radius uses a boxed blister to showcase their Radius Original toothbrush. The packaging includes a sophisticated tray system, allowing for product visibility and theft deterrence, while telling the brand story.

Please visit BXP Magazine CXO Series: From Everyday to Extraordinary. And thank you to Saskia Foley and Linda Casey for highlighting our partnership.


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