Solution Spotlight: rTouch™

Haptic marketing is one of the newest trends in consumer marketing. The power of touch can be very influential in consumers’ purchase decisions. rTouch™ coating provides a velvety matte finish, giving consumers a sense of elegance and sophistication. This finish appeals to the sense of touch with its luxurious tactile elements. rTouch™ also delivers a […]

Solution Spotlight: PressSeal® Cards

When you need to go to market quickly, PressSeal® coated cards may be the answer. PressSeal® is an environmentally friendly sustainable water-based pressure seal blister coating requiring no heat, only pressure and dwell to achieve the seal. And PressSeal Cards maximize graphic space, highlighting your brand in bright colors that will stop consumers in the aisle.  How […]

Enhanced Design Advice for New Print Partners

Rohrer offers many solutions spanning print, thermoformed and fabricated plastic packaging, making us a one-stop-shop and true partner with our customers. This post will help new print partners avoid common pitfalls through the design process. Sign up for our blog updates to receive our upcoming thermoforming design blog. A Simple Process Starting a new project […]

Spot-on Color for Less with Process +™

A successful business partnership doesn’t happen overnight. And when that partnership has evolved over 25 years, the opportunities to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs grow as well. Meet MTD Products Inc., a global leader of high-quality outdoor power equipment and aftermarket accessories. Cruise through any home improvement outlet and you can see […]