Every Day is a Good Day to
GO GREEN at Rohrer


Rohrer just introduced its new All-Paper Blister and ecoCombo® sustainable packaging solutions. We hope you are inspired to GO GREEN with us.  And we wanted you to know that Rohrer is STEPPING UP SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS every day, not just on Earth Day. Here’s how we’re reducing environmental impact during every step of the packaging process.  Designing […]

GO GREEN with Rohrer’s New
Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

All-Paper Blister

Stepping Up Sustainability Efforts? We Can Help. Earth Day 2022 is fast approaching on April 22! Rohrer is STEPPING UP SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS. You and your brand may have similar sustainability goals for your packaging.  With sustainability top of mind, here are a few statistics that may have you rethinking your packaging.   In a third-party Sustainable […]

Sustainable Packaging Provides BIG Benefits for Brands

ecoCombo Blister packaging

Let’s face it. Packaging is important. Why? The package is your first interaction with consumers. It’s like the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” Here at Rohrer, we’ve been in the business of brand packaging for almost 50 years. We want to help you provide the BEST […]

Post-Consumer vs. Post-Industrial Recycled Materials

Brands come to our sales team all the time looking for the latest sustainable packaging solutions. Receiving pressure from consumers and retailers, leading brands stand apart by staying a step ahead in sustainability initiatives. Yet, being innovative comes with a cost. The research and development involved in creating a brand new solution takes time and […]

Consumers Prefer Sustainable Brands – Are You Doing Enough

In every purchase, brands and consumers must find the middle ground. Successful brands find the balance between what drives a profitable company and what inspires consumers to buy their products. For example, virtually every brand wants to offer sustainable choices, but concerns about function and cost have been in the way. Now more than ever, […]

Discover ecoCombo®, Rohrer’s Sustainable Combo Program

Rohrer is bringing a new sustainable packaging solution to WestPack 2020. ecoCombo® uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. Available for both blisters and blister cards, this new program expands the recycled content options within Rohrer’s premier ezCombo® capabilities. Rohrer is committed to driving innovation in sustainable packaging. With ecoCombo® Rohrer is shaping the industry’s combo packaging trends. […]

Introducing ecoCombo®: The Packaging Industry’s First Post-Consumer Recycled Combo Program

Rohrer Corporation is in the final testing stages, leading up to the launch of ecoCombo®. This new program is the packaging industry’s first post-consumer recycled materials combo program. ecoCombo® compliments Rohrer’s ezCombo® program. Combo packaging production refers to a unique design and manufacturing solution that combines multiple parts within the same run. This shared tooling arrangement […]

The Smarter Route to Walmart Shelves is Through Sustainable Packaging

 Your new brand has been greenlit for Walmart!  As a first-time supplier to the mega-retail giant, you’ve done all the right things to sell your brand to the Walmart power buyers.  And that takes marketing smarts.  Congratulations! But now you need packaging smarts. How do you package your product to fast-track its route to Walmart’s […]