Packaging Tricks for Your Growing Brand

When your brand starts expanding product sales to a variety of channels, different packaging styles may be required. One retailer might want to sell your product in bulk, another in a multi-pack, while a club store will want to merchandise your product in a large quantity or assortment. Having the opportunity to sell your product across many channels can be a boon for business.

There can be complications for brands that print a barcode on the merchandise itself. One solution is a textured blister. Textured blisters offer a novel solution by designing a pattern into the plastic blister. This pattern distorts the UPC on the product, avoiding an incorrect scan at the register, and ensuring the cashier rings up the package correctly.

Textured blisterUnlike previously used solutions, textured blisters provide additional benefits, including:

  • Requiring no special off-line equipment
  • Can be used for runs of any size
  • Offers no detrimental effects to the designing and forming of your blister part

Besides the diamond hatch and rail bar pattern shown in the images listed, our team can design your blisters with a number of patterns to fit the aesthetics of your packaging. Brand owners can also use these patterns to draw a shopper’s attention to a particular aspect of the package by leaving an area clear and not blurred. This simple design trick can help differentiate your product at retail.

Rohrer’s team provides decades of blister packaging experience. Our in-house design team offers solutions that are cost-effective, eye-catching, and meet the goals of your brand. For more information about blister packaging, please see our blister card page, as well as our ezCombo and ecoCombo® pages.


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