What makes a “Value Meal” or the “Combo Platter” so great when you grab a quick lunch? You get a drink, a sandwich, and a side of fries for one low price. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s affordable. What does my lunch have to do with Rohrer’s ezComboSM program? Think of it as a “Combo Platter” for your packaging.

It’s Streamlined

ezComboSM streamlines the process by combining the orders (either blister cards, blister packages, or both) of several customers on one production run. It’s EASY. 

It’s Fast

Rohrer’s ezComboSM  program can also expedite your time to market. Our plastic thermoformed blister lead times are fast (3 weeks on 4/1 printed ezComboSM  cards and core ezComboSM  products) which expedites the packaging process, from printing, to thermoforming, to retail stores. It’s QUICK. 

It’s Affordable

With ezComboSM, the designers and engineers at Rohrer create a shared tooling arrangement for customers with common quantities. This helps increase the number of printed or thermoformed parts per run, while reducing the start-up costs and set-up times for everyone. 

ezComboSM is ideal for companies that don’t need to buy a whole press sheet or plastic form of the same item. Or maybe you’d like to run a promotional package in smaller quantities. It’s EZ-ier than ever with ezComboSM  because you only pay for the space you need! It’s AFFORDABLE.

It’s Customizable

And, like your lunch, you have some customization with the ezComboSM  program. Not fond of the cheeseburger “Value Meal”? Go for the chicken sandwich. Rohrer’s ezComboSM  program can be used for several types of packaging, including: blister cards, inserts, paperboard folding cartons, and thermoformed blisters

Wait, the customization continues . . . Rohrer also offers the industry’s widest variety of packaging options, including multiple card and blister gauges, choice of coating (AquaSeal® or PakSeal®), in-line labeling, and specialty printing (Process +™ or rFoil™). How’s that for variety in your “Combo Platter”? It’s CUSTOMIZABLE.

It’s Flexible

We also offer the lowest, most convenient combo quantities in the market with our ezComboSM  program: 5,000 / 10,000 / 20,000 / 25,000 / 50,000 / 100,000.

With that type of flexibility, you can run many different items at the same time in smaller quantities, or the larger quantities of the same package. It’s FLEXIBLE. 

How Can I Get Started with the ezComboSM  Program?

We named our “Combo Platter” ezComboSM  because it’s our goal to make it EASY for customers to do business with us. The ezComboSM  program was designed to make the packaging process as streamlined, quick, affordable, unique, and flexible as you need to get your products to market. 

At Rohrer, we believe that true partners make the perfect package. Ready to sign up for Rohrer’s ezComboSM  blister packs? We’ve made that EZ-ier too. Contact us today!