GO GREEN with Rohrer’s New
Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

All-Paper Blister

Stepping Up Sustainability Efforts? We Can Help. Earth Day 2022 is fast approaching on April 22! Rohrer is STEPPING UP SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS. You and your brand may have similar sustainability goals for your packaging.  With sustainability top of mind, here are a few statistics that may have you rethinking your packaging.   In a third-party Sustainable […]

It’s Simple to Streamline with Stock Packaging

Are you familiar with stock cars? If you’re a NASCAR® fan, I bet you’ve seen a race or two. But you may have also noticed that those stock cars are anything but “stock” or “standard.” These days, race cars are as individual as the driver, with custom tires, steering shafts, and engine blocks to make […]

Sustainable Packaging Provides BIG Benefits for Brands

ecoCombo Blister packaging

Let’s face it. Packaging is important. Why? The package is your first interaction with consumers. It’s like the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” Here at Rohrer, we’ve been in the business of brand packaging for almost 50 years. We want to help you provide the BEST […]

What Is Thermoforming? How Did Plastic Packaging Get Its Start?

Thermoforming Defined Do you remember Shrinky Dinks®? Back in the 1980’s, Shrinky Dinks were a popular craft for kids made of flexible sheets of plastic or polystyrene. Children could cut the plastic into fun shapes, color them, and heat them in the oven to make their own key chains, earrings, pendants, stickers, and such.  The […]

Switching Roles: When Rohrer Became its Own Best Customer

Patti McElligott, Senior Emerging Business Account Manager was handed a major project recently – develop and produce new packaging for a promotional product. That’s big. And a lot was riding on this new design; it was to be the showstopper for sales and marketing efforts. Oh…and one last detail, Patti works for Rohrer. It had […]

Post-Consumer vs. Post-Industrial Recycled Materials

Brands come to our sales team all the time looking for the latest sustainable packaging solutions. Receiving pressure from consumers and retailers, leading brands stand apart by staying a step ahead in sustainability initiatives. Yet, being innovative comes with a cost. The research and development involved in creating a brand new solution takes time and […]

Solution Spotlight: Tear Resistant Cards

Many of our partners ask us to help enhance their product security through packaging. We recommend Tear Resistant paperboard packaging for a variety of industries, including electronics, beauty, and personal care. Tear Resistant Cards combine a highly durable Natralock® paperboard with a thermoformed blister to protect your product from theft and damage. Tear Resistant Cards […]

Understanding Paperboard Packaging Material Selection

Our partners tell us that their key product marketing strategies include high-impact product packaging design that is on-time and on-budget. Rohrer offers a wide variety of custom printed and thermoformed packaging solutions as well as the industry’s largest combo program to help our partners build their brands. Most retail packaging projects include some kind of […]

How to Choose the Right Plastic for Your Thermoformed Packaging

Product owners, marketers, supply chain experts, and package designers find a variety of plastic material solutions across Rohrer’s thermoformed packaging programs. Thermoforming is inclusive of many types of packaging including blisters, clamshells, tri-folds, and trays. If you would like to brush up on your blister packaging terminology, check out our recent post where we provide […]

Learn the Five Steps to Designing Successful Package Innovation

My family and I watched “Mr. Mom” for movie night this week. You remember – When Dad, Michael Keaton, loses his job, he and stay-at-home Mom, Teri Garr, race to get new jobs. Mom gets hers first at an advertising agency, and Dad stays home as a hilarious “Mr. Mom.” Early in the movie, Teri […]